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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Next market- What's available

This Saturday July 4th, there will be no market at Valley City, due to the holiday. The next market at Valley City will be on Saturday July 10th. Here is what we are expecting to have available:

~Beets- Regular and Forono (longer than regular beets
~Radishes- Regular and French Breakfast
~Bagged Salad Mixes- I will post what types of mixes when it is closer to the market date
~Loose Leaf Lettuce Heads
~Head Lettuce- Should have some ready for next market
~Red Russian Kale bunches
~Collard bunches
~Sweet Basil bunches
~Red and White Scallions
~Red Cherry Tomatoes- may possibly have some ready for next market, if not we will have them soon after
~Bell Peppers- coming very soon, not sure if we will have any for next market, but will be coming soon
~Zuchinni and Summer Squash- coming very soon


  1. Your header photo is beautiful!

  2. Thank you very much. Of coarse things have grown quite a bit since I took that picture, I was actually just thinking about how I should take a new one. Things grow very quickly.

    Thank you for your comment,

  3. I really like your cover page

  4. Thank you very much. I try to change the picture every season and what describes fall more than pumpkins and cornstalks.