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Monday, June 28, 2010

Salad Mixes

This past Saturdays market we had a very good variety of different salad mixes available. We should have all the different mixes and maybe even some more mixes available for this coming Saturdays market.

You can see pictures and information about all the different mixes at our website, salad mixes page.

Our salad mixes are:
~ Just Lettuce Salad Mix
~ Looseleaf Lettuce Salad Mix
~ Spicy Salad Mix
~ Lettuce and Greens Salad Mix
~ Lettuce and Romaine Salad Mix
~ Lettuce and Herb Salad Mix
~ Ark of Taste Salad Mix

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farmers Market Pictures

This Saturday was our third market of the year (at Valley City Farmers Market) and I finally got some pictures from the market to post, and here they are:

Bagged Salad Mixes (Just Lettuce Mix, Spicy Salad Mix, Lettuce and Greens Salad Mix, and Ark of Taste Lettuce Mix)

The Just Lettuce Mix contains only lettuce. This week the lettuce mixes included: Royal Red, Red Sails, Black Seeded Simpson, Grandpa Admire's, Speckled, Tennis Ball, Mascara, and Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce.

Spicy Salad Mix includes lettuce and mustard greens.

Lettuce and Greens Mix includes, lettuce such as: Black Seeded Simpson and Red Sails
Greens such as: Bulls Blood Beet Greens, Swiss Chard, Red Russian Kale, Dinosaur Kale,
and some others

Ark of Taste Lettuce Mix is a mix of four different varieties of lettuce that are on the Ark of Taste List. They are Grandpa Admire's Lettuce, Speckled Lettuce, Tennis Ball Lettuce, and Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce.

I will be posting again soon with more information and pictures of the different varieties of lettuce that we had available this Saturday.

Mustard Greens and a Bunch of Collards (in the middle)

This was our third week that we have had mustard greens available. We have five very different varieties available. The bunches are put together at market so you can choose which varieties you want or you can get a bunch with a mix of all the different varieties. We also had a salad mix available this week with mustard greens in it, this mix was our Spicy Salad Mix, "Spicy" because of the spicy taste of the mustard greens. The mustard greens add a very good flavor to the salad.

Mixed Kale Bunches and Swiss Chard Bunches

Kale bunches include three different varieties: Red Russian Kale, Dinosaur Kale, and Dwarf Blue Scotch Curled Kale. Swiss Chard bunches are made up of many mixed varieties and colors. Not only are the swiss chard beautiful but they are also very, very tender and tasty.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Visitor to our Pond and Wildlife Pictures

Before we get to our pond visitor and the other pics, lets play a little game. Can you guess what this picture is? The answer is at the end of this post.


Here is our most recent visitor and hopefully a permanent resident to our pond. I love turtles and have wished we had one at our pond for a while now. Although i have to admit, when i first saw him i got nervous. I got worried that he may be a snapper and did not really want a snapper living at our pond. But I was very relieved and excited when we found out he was not a snapper! He is kind of shy and takes off into the pond whenever he sees anyone. We are going to have to get a flat log and put it by his spot (yes he has a spot, in the sun, in a grass free area, with a gradual slope up from the water, this is where we always see him) so he can climb up out of the water onto it. I hope he sticks around!


Baby Ducks


A Chickadee Nest Inside the Tree

So I was waling around the back taking pictures when I thought I heard what sounded like Chickadees in on of the pear trees. I started looking around for a nest, when I realized that the Chickadee noises were indeed coming from in the tree. There are many holes in this particular pear tree. Sure enough when I was standing right there the mom Chickadee came to feed her babies. She went inside the hole that she is sitting in in the picture above. I took the picture when she was coming out of the hole.

I know we have lots of Chickadees around, they must like to nest in our old holey pear trees. Makes me feel bad for wanting to chop some of them down to replace them with new non-rotting trees.

Anyhow it seemed so funny to hear the little noises coming from down inside the tree.


No, it was not a picture of the lockness monster. Nor was it a picture of a beaver. It was actually a picture of three baby ducks diving under the water, below is the picture of them after they came back up, well that goes for two of them, the third still has its head under water.