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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mustard Greens

Mustard greens add a spicy zest to salads.
The below varieties of mustard greens will be used at the baby leaf stage (approx. 6 inches)
in our Mild Spicy Salad Mix and our Super Spicy Salad Mix.

These greens are also great to be used in cooking at the full size stage (approx. 12-18 inches)
I plan to have them available in mixed bunches with all four varieties,
and also bunches of each variety.


Light green serrated leaves.
A semi-mild spicy mustard green.
Will most likely be used in both our Mild Spicy Salad Mix
and our Super Spicy Salad Mix.
Will also be sold in bunches, at full size stage, for cooking


Green with red/maroon veins.
A very stunningly beautiful mustard green.
Spicy flavor but not as strong as Golden Frill.
I will probably us this mustard green in both our Mild Spicy Salad Mix
and our Super Spicy Salad Mix.
Will also be available at full size, available in bunches.


Beautifully frilled light green mustard greens. Delicious strong spicy flavor.
This mustard green should be a great addition to our Super Spicy Salad Mix,
picked at the baby leaf stage.
I should also have full size leaves available, to be sold in bunches.


Medium green leaves with red veins and tinge.
Will probably be used in both our Mild Spicy Salad Mix and our Super Spicy Salad Mix.
Mild spicy flavor perfect for light cooking.
Will also be sold at full size in bunches for cooking.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Valley City Farmers Market of the Year

The first market of the year at Valley City will be on Saturday June 5th.

I was hoping the market would start early this year, but did not expect it to start till around the middle of the month, so I am not exactly as prepared as I would like to be. I am not sure exactly what we will have available for the first market.

For sure we should have the following things ready in time for June 5th:

~Mustard Greens- many different colors and varieties to be sold in bunches
-we many also sell a variety of mixed baby greens to be used in salads
~Lettuce mixes- hopefully our lettuce will be ready in time for the first market, right now they are very slow growing, I believe it is because it has been so cold outside
~We should also have some plants available- will post what kinds closer to market time
~I also hope to have some type of bread available- most likely a berry bread

Hopefully I will have some other things available also.

The market season is finally almost here! I knew the first market was getting close when I picked some mustard greens for dinner yesterday.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pictures in the Hoop House

Inside of the hoop house

Seedlings in the hoop house waiting to be transplanted
(Red Russian Kale, I believe a couple other kinds of Kale
and four different types of Swiss Chard

Collards, Kale, and (I believe) Kohlrabi

Some baby arugula in the hoop house

Baby mustard greens in a row


I love taking pictures and for whatever reason lately, I have not taken as many pictures. So since I am overdue, here are some pictures.

Some of my plants under lights in the basement

Some just transplanted curly parsley

Parsley waiting to be transplanted

Some tomatoes outside in the small hoop house

A flat of Catnip

Pepper plants

I have some more pictures that I have to post, and will do so either tomorrow or later today. I do not want to post too many pictures in on post. I have some pictures of outside and also some pictures of inside the big hoop house. We finally have quite a few things planted outside now. It is nice to see so many things finally growing in the ground, makes it feel like the market is coming closer.

We still do not know when the first market at valley city will be, but as soon as we hear anything we will be sure to let everyone know.

I am planning on having a post for a topic of the month for this month, May. I know we are already a week into May, but better late than never, right? The topic of the month will be about micro greens. Well, I better get working on the topic of the month.