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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seedling update

Well, my greenhouse in the basement is almost full. Things have been pretty nice here outside lately, and as long as the weather permits I should be planting some seeds outside this week! How exciting is that? My basement temperature right now is about 62 degrees, and my greenhouse in the basement is about 80 degrees! It is really really warm in there, which is helping all the seeds that I just planted come up very quickly. This week I will also have to begin transplanting my first group of seedlings (Sweet Basil and Carnations).

Here are some pictures that I just took today of my seedlings and my light setups:

Picture of the "greenhouse" in the basement and the new shelf that I just added which will soon be filled with plants and lights.

Shelf of tomato and pepper flats, the peppers have not started coming up yet but the all the tomatoes have sprouted (both the tomatoes and peppers were planted almost 1 week ago).

Some of my eggplant seedlings (they are getting nice and big!)

Some of my little Sweet Basil seedlings that really need to be transplanted.
Hopefully I will be doing that tomorrow.

Carnation Seedlings that also need to be transplanted.

That is my update for today. Tomorrow I have transplanting to do, and since the weather is not suppose to be real good, it does not look like I will be able to plant anything outside tomorrow. Hopefully after the bad weather passes everything will not be too wet, and I will be able to do some planting, the beginning of this coming week. Outside within the next week I am going to have to plant head lettuce, romaine hearts, scallion seeds, possible swiss chard (depending on the temps.), some kale and a possibly some other things that I am unable to think of right now.

It is so nice to be able to finally watch things grow and know that warm weather and summer is finally on it's way here.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday April 1st for the post about our first vegetable of the month- Beets!

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