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Monday, June 20, 2011

What you eat is very important to your health!

I have not posted in quite a while and I do have a lot that I have to post about. Since most of my main season crops are now in the ground and it has started raining again (makes it a little difficult to get anything done outside), I will have some free time now to get some posting in. Anyhow I figured that I will make this first post about something very important that I have been meaning to post about for a while now.

About a year ago now my best friend (I have known her since we were kids) started having a number of health issues. One of the more serious was she was having major muscle pain and tightening in of her muscles. It got so bad at one point that she was having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and even putting on her socks would take her forever to accomplish since she her muscles were so tight she was unable to reach her feet. She was also having severe stomach problems in which it seemed as if everything she would eat upset her stomach. She also began to rapidly loose weight and most of her muscle mass. The list of problems went on and on.

So to make a long story short (for now at least, I am sure I will be posting more about this in the future). After quite some time she was diagnosed with a muscle disorder, which I believe is called dermatomyositis (an auto immune issue) and if that is not right it is something similar. Anyhow just before she was diagnosed we found some interesting information online about some people who had similar problems, to what she was having, and were able to return to good health by changing their diet. Anyhow over the past several months she has switched her diet many times and went to many different doctors. Until she found the doctor that she has been going to now, he is down in Columbus, so it is a drive but I think she would definitely agree that it has been well worth the drive. She has come a long way since she started going to him, she has been slowly gaining back the weight she lost, can now put on her socks again with out a huge struggle and her stomach is now beginning to heal itself. I am not sure what her doctors name is but as soon as I get the information form her, I will have to post it.

Ok, so after all that, on to the importance of what you eat. Basically all her issues come down to the fact that she has a gluten allergy that she has probably had her whole life, which was ignored and got way out of control, thus damaging her stomach and getting her whole body out of wack. Certain types of gluten in excess can be a very bad thing for a lot people and I believe that there are a lot of people out there overdosing on things like fast food (those hamburgers contain lots of fillers that just are not good for you) who are damaging their stomachs, many of which even know it and just deny it. I know people who eat fast food every day and complain about how their stomach bothers them all the time, you think they would realize why. It is what you are eating that is bothering your stomach and it is not something that should be ignored.

Since watching my friend go through what she did, It has made me think a lot more about what I am eating, I know it has not only changed her way of thinking about food, but I am sure it has also changed the way the the people around her think about food, I know it has for me.

My friend is now working on a blog of her own about everything that she has been trough, so that she can hopefully help other people out there with similar health issues. As soon as she is finished with her blog I will be sure to post the link here.

Anyhow, I have much more to talk about within the next couple of days and will have to post again tomorrow. I still have to let everyone know about how everything that is planted is growing, maybe complain again about this terrible weather that we have had so far this year. Also I have to talk about some exciting purchases that I made today, a food mill and a really awesome little meat grinder/mincer/pasta maker, I think it is the coolest little thing. It does not look like much but after trying it out it seems to work surprisingly well for a little thing, and best of all it was really cheap!

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