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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Very Wet BA Farm

On Thursday, I decided to take a walk around and take some pictures. It was not easy everything was mostly muck, my boots and pants were pretty muddy by the time I was done with my walk. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Looking at the front gardens, lots of water and some snow still remaining

At least there is some sign of life, bulbs popping up from under the leaves

Picture of what use to be collards and kale, surrounded by snow and water

The creek full from all the melting snow

Although it may look like a creek, this water is just draining into the creek

The pond beginning to thaw
(it is now, two days after this picture was taken, mostly thawed)

We are suppose to get more rain, hopefully not too much. We now have our plastic and a lot of what we need to get started on building our new hoop house. If the weather ever gets better, and things dry out a little, so we are not just playing around in muck, we can start working on the hoop house. I am going to try and take as many pictures as possible when we start to work on it, but it is hard to do when there is a lot of work to focus on.

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