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Friday, May 1, 2009

Extra Dwarf Pak Choy

Aren't they cute? I took some pictures of these Extra Dwarf Pak Choy when I was taking the pictures of the Red Russian Kale for the Topic of the Month. I am not sure exactly how much more they have to grow but I think they are getting close to being ready. They are only suppose to get 2" tall. I planted a small section the same time as I planted the kale, collards and some other things, so that I could see what they are going to be like. This is my first time growing these and was really curious to see how they were going to work out. I just had to post these pictures because they look so nice and are so tiny and cute.

As soon as I am able I will be planting a bunch of these for the market, it should be about time soon to get them planted. Hopefully I will have a lot of these available for market as long as I can keep them form getting eaten.

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